You will not believe it until you try it

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to wash my cloth?

Your Take It Off Cloth can be washed in the machine with your regular load of laundry and as often as you choose. It will remain as soft and plush as the day you got it.

How does it work so well and what makes it remove my makeup without any cleansers or products?

The amazing plush microfiber fabric has thousands of special fibers that activate by using warm water.  It literally works like magic. 

Shape - How does the "Take it off cloth" differ than other similar products?

The unique oval shape was specifically designed to let you use the entire cloth to remove all of your makeup. 

Should I wash my cloth before I use it?

Yes it is recommended to wash your cloth before use.  Just throw it in with your next load of laundry, then you will  be ready to Take It Off.

Will it remove waterproof makeup?

It sure will!! 

Amazing isn’t it.

Why can't I just use a washcloth?

Good question! This is one of those “you won’t believe it until you see it” situations. The reason is that most washcloths are made from a terry fabric which is looped. The Take It Off Cloth is made from a special microfiber fabric that has thousands of fibers that get the job done with only warm water.   

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